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Benefits of Artificial Grass


The benefits of installing artificial grass are almost too many to list, but we’re going to give it a try anyways!

Looks & Feels like Real Grass:

Five Star Turf installs artificial grass engineered with advanced space-age fibers, backing, yarns, and backing to replicate the look and feel of lush, natural grass. Unlike natural grass, our artificial turf stays green year round and is not susceptible to brown spots, muddy patches, holes, and weeds.

Increased Durability:

Artificial grass is engineered to take a beating, able to withstand repeated and heavy foot traffic without compromising its aesthetic integrity. Our turf systems are also weather resistant to frost and feature advanced UV reflective technology that keeps it cooler during the summer months. The bottom line is that our products are built with the long-term in mind.

Low Maintenance:

Artificial grass is easy to install, requires minimal watering, absolutely no mowing, and zero fertilizing. The best part is that it still says green all year long without the time and money a natural grass landscape would require.

Safe for Children:

Nothing’s more important that keeping those you love save. The beauty of Five Star Turf is that our artificial grass does just that while offering a forgiving and long-lasting landscape for them to play, explore, and grow on. This makes Five Star Turf perfect for homes, playgrounds, schools, and parks. We ensure that our turf surface do not include any harmful traces of chemicals such as lead so that you can enjoy additional peace of mind.

Pet Friendly:

Man’s best friend gives our artificial grass pet systems two paws up! It’s easy to clean and won’t be riddle with unsightly holes or urine spots. Best of all, our pet turf systems are odor resistant and a cinch to clean, requiring the occasional rinsing with a hose. Dog boarding kennels, breeders, and pet owners are enjoying the benefits that artificial grass offers them and their furry friends!

Environmentally Safe:

Reducing water use, eliminating the need for gas powered mowers, and requiring 0 pesticides are key environmental benefits of installing artificial grass. Five Star Turf’s products are partially made with recyclable material to further reduce our carbon footprint.

10-Year Warranty:

Five Star Turf is built to stay green for years without the need for water, and without fading. We are so confident in the quality of our products that they are backed by an 10-Year manufacturer warranty. Click here for specific details.

Great ROI:

The cost benefits are so saving benefits are so plentiful that we decided to dedicate a page to it!